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Re: [hylafax-users] What does this error message mean

George H wrote:

Using HylaFAX+ 5.1.7 and I got this odd error message when it was
receivng a fax. There is also no error code apppened to the end
between { }.

"RCV FAX: PPM received with no image data. To continue risks receipt

First time I see it.

I believe that the error number in brackets was added in 5.1.8. If not then it will be in 5.1.9 for sure. I didn't add the error number initially because 1) I forgot to, and 2) the error condition was kind of experimental.

It's a new error... and one that I felt was needed.

In the case where (in non-ECM) we recieve a signal such as MPS or EOP but it's pretty clear that we missed the page image data altogether that corresponds to that signal (instead of simply needing to repeat our last response to the signal) - then we have to choose between signalling MCF (confirmation), RTN (page quality rejected, retrain required before next page), or DCN (disconnect).

Responding with MCF would clearly get us into trouble because then we'd be confirming pages that we never got. However, to some senders RTN amounts to a confirmation, but with the requirement that the next page be preceeded by retraining. (This issue also applies to BadPageHandlingMethod.) Many non-ECM senders are simply incapable of retransmitting the last page. And so in some cases responding with RTN gets us into trouble as well... because to the sender's mind we're confirming a page that we never got in the first place. To prevent this from becoming an issue and to make it clear to the sender that an error occurred and that the preceding page must be retransmitted and that it was not confirmed... we now therefore respond with DCN.

If you see this kind of thing repeatedly happening with any particular sender (or all senders in general) then it probably represents a problem with the modem or with the line audio quality that is making it difficult for the modem itself to "train" on the signalling from the sender.



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