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Re: [hylafax-users] Text => Postscript converson in faxmail

* Martin Bene <martin.bene@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [071011 11:47]:
> Hi,
> I've just tried upgrading hylafax from 4.3.0 to 4.4.2; 
> The one thing I haven't been able to figure out is getting the same
> formating for plaintext emails submitted via faxmail I used to have in
> the previous version;
> I had been using a mimeconverter script /usr/sbin/faxmail/text/plain to
> get the formating for plaintext messages I want (using a2ps). Since the
> whole mimeconverter system has gone away with 4.4 (patch to faxmail.c++
> dated 2007-05-08), is there any place I can put a custom text =>
> postscript converter to use instead of the internal conversion that
> seems to be used now?

Absolutely!  Mimeconverters was replace with the typerules system that
the rest of the HylaFAX clients use.

In the default typerules file that comes with HylaFAX, you'll find a
line something like:
	>15     string          ascii           ps      textfmt -B -f Courier-Bold\
							-Ml=0.4in -p 11 -s %s %o <%i

Simply change that to:
	>15     string          ascii           ps	/path/to/my/script < %i > %o

Using any of the "%" escapes available (listed in the default typerules
file), to know what page size, length, resolution, etc the fax is trying
to be submitted as.

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