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[hylafax-users] modem config for apple USB modem


I have Mac mini and apple USB modem
(usb modem web site)
http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore? spart=MA034Z%2FA

and I installed hylafax along guidance.
http://www.hylafax.org/content/ Handbook:Source_Code_Install#Mac_OS_X_Guidance

And now I succeeded to send fax from Mac,
but receiving is failed. I ringed the mac, but it didn't answer.

By viewing log in /var/spool/hylafax/logs/, it appeared that
an error occured when answer.

Oct 09 18:55:38.27: [18580]: SESSION BEGIN 000000007 81252747111
Oct 09 18:55:38.27: [18580]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.4.0
Oct 09 18:55:38.27: [18580]: <-- [6:AT*FR\r]
Oct 09 18:55:38.31: [18580]: --> [5:ERROR]
Oct 09 18:55:38.31: [18580]: MODEM Command error
Oct 09 18:55:38.31: [18580]: ANSWER:
Oct 09 18:55:38.31: [18580]: SESSION END

So I edited config file (etc/config.tty.usbmodem) and changed:
ModemAnswerCmd:         "AT*FR\rATA"
ModemAnswerCmd:         "ATA\r"

I the mac started to answer the call, but it soon ends in error.
The sender fax machine reports 'No Response'.
Then I thought that modem configuration is wrong.

My modem configs are following, and I would like to get advice
to achieve successful sending and receiving.

(modem config: config.tty.usbmodem)
ModemType: Class1 # use class 1 interface
ModemRate: 19200 # locked for fax sending&receiving
ModemFlowControl: rtscts # default
ModemNoFlowCmd: AT\Q # disable flow control cmd
ModemSoftFlowCmd: AT&R1\Q1 # software flow control cmd
ModemHardFlowCmd: AT&R\Q3 # hardware flow control cmd
ModemSetupDTRCmd: AT&D3 # DTR off causes modem to reset
ModemSetupDCDCmd: AT&C1 # DCD follows carrier
ModemSetupAACmd: AT+FAA=1
ModemAnswerCmd: "ATA\r"
ModemWaitForConnect: yes # modem sends FAX/DATA first
ModemMfrQueryCmd: !Motorola
ModemModelQueryCmd: !28.8
ModemRevQueryCmd: AT%V # model and firmware rev
ModemDialCmd: ATDT%s # T for tone dialing

Thank you.


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