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Re: [hylafax-users] asterisk + iaxmodem + hylafax

Again, but this time with the attachment

On 10/15/07, gibbe gabba <frequenco@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks Lee, Please check out my answers:

On 10/12/07, Lee Howard < faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
gibbe gabba wrote:

> hylafax doesnt seem to detect a carrier signal.

Your log shows that *iaxmodem* didn't detect a carrier signal.  (Carrier
detection is done largely on the modem-side.)  So this is probably an
issue with the call audio itself or (less-likely) with iaxmodem.  There
is an extremely remote chance that it is a HylaFAX issue.

So my recommendation would be to...

zttest is not possible since I have no zaptel hardware installed. I receive my calls to asterisk by means of a BRI2SIP gateway.

1) take a look at your zttest results.  Run zttest... let it run for a
minute.  If you get anything less than 99.98% then there is probably a
hardware configuration problem that you need to address to allow the zap
device more interrupt resources (e.g. move the card to a different slot).

I have enclosed a tar.bz2 file with both raw files inside. If you wish me to put those files in a different archive format (.zip or .rar) or if you want the raw files themselves in another format, please let me know.

2) make an audio recording and send it to me (read the README file found
in the iaxmodem source code on how to do this... or

And in the remote chance that it is a HylaFAX issue...

I will check this version out tonight or one of the next ones, but probably tonight.

3) you could upgrade to HylaFAX+ 5.1.9 ( http://hylafax.sourceforge.net)
which handles this kind of situation you show in the logs slightly
different, and may cause for a different outcome.


No VOIP is used other than the SIP used between the asterisk box and the BRI gateway and the iaxmodem part. Also no (misconfigured) zap card is present.

Based on my experience, chances are that the problem is that you're
either using VoIP for faxing (uh-oh) or your zap card is misconfigured
and the zttest results will show it.

Thanks for your input and suggestions!

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