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Re: [hylafax-users] Analog DID Questions

Bezaleel Support wrote:

We are currently looking to get Verizon to setup DID services on our fax
line so that we can use the DID information to route incoming faxes to
particular users/groups. According to the Verizon rep, they only sell
DID's in blocks of 20's.

At the moment, we have not invested in any particular hardware for the
fax server.

For analog DID with HylaFAX I think that the only hardware to use is the MultiTech MT5634ZBA-DID.

First, I have been asked to provide Verizon with the following
information before they can even provide me with a quote:

You'll want to review the hardware manuals to get this information, but from memory...

1) Trunk start - Ground-Start or Loop-Start

This depends on how you configure the modem. See the manual.

2) Trunk signaling - DP (Dial Pulse) or DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency)

DTMF, but again, it may be configurable.

3) Number of digits to be set? (I have no idea what this is referring to.)

It refers to how many digits are in the DID. Often this is 4.

4) Send method - Wink or Immediate

Wink... but again, I believe that it's configurable.

5) Any restrictions on the numbers to be used? (I am guessing this is a
no. Feel free to correct me.)

I guess no.

6) Used for PRI or Digital Service? (Again, guessing this is a no since
I do not have a PRI and am using analog service at the moment. ;) )

PRI is different from analog DID. A PRI will cost you hundreds of dollars per month. An analog DID line will cost you maybe $50.

Second, can this all be handled via a standard external modem? Or will I
require some other form of device (FXO/FXS/Etc Card)?

The MT5634ZBA-DID is the only hardware that I know of that will help you here.

Lastly, will I be able to receive and send via the fax line once it is
set up for DID? I have read elsewhere that users can only receive
(inbound) calls via the line that has been assigned DID numbers.

Analog DID lines are receive-only. If you need to use the modem to send as well then you'll need a second line for that. (The modem handles both lines.)


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