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Re: [hylafax-users] How to print a received fax?

* John Hudak <john.j.hudak@xxxxxxxxxxx> [071016 09:40]:
> A question about how to manually (e.g. from the command line) print a 
> received fax (e.g. fax0000000001.tif) that is in \hylafax\spool\rcvd?
> From the cmd line, I issued: /usr/bin/tiff2ps -a /path of received 
> file/fax00000001.tif   but the command gives me an error...essentially 
> file not found.
> I can see the .tif files when is list the directory, along with a 
> sequence (seq?) file.   What could be going wrong? I don't think its a 
> permission problem since I issue the cmd as root, and the error message 
> does not say permission denied....

Can you show the command and error? Just copy and paste the whole thing
from your terminal.

> Printing from faxrcvd script:
> I added the following line near the end of faxrcvd script:
> /usr/bin/tiff2ps -a $FILE | lpr
> However, no fax was sent to the printer.  When logged in as root or user, 
> the printer prints when I issue: cat file.txt | lpr.
> Is there a location in the faxrcvd file that is best to place the above 
> line?

This line should be added to $SPOOL/etc/FaxDispatch.  It's generally not
a good idea to directly edit faxrcvd, or else next upgrade you loose
either your changes, or any fixes to faxrcvd.

> What is a relatively simple fax viewer that runs under Debian that one 
> would recommend?  Would I have to do some conversion
> of the raw received .tiff file to some other format before using the 
> recommended viewer?

I've liked qfaxreader.  Unfortunately I've not seen it packaged for
debian.  If you need packages, I could probably be convinced to do


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