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Re: [hylafax-users] Analog DID Questions

You can also look at getting a T1 line but there are issues with that. First T1 modems cost an arm and a leg and then some. Personally I think that T1 modem cards are way over priced. I think the last time I checked a 24 modem port fax T1 card was well over $7,000.

What we have been looking at is a T1 line feeding a Adtran Atlas. The Atlas is a great little box. It will take multiple T1 cards set to either be either end of the T. It will also take FXS and FSO analog cards which can do DTMF DID + CalledID and still connect to a standard modem. What we're looking to do is share a T1 with our PBX with the Atlas in the middle. It will look at each incoming call, check the DID, send it to either the PBX via T1 or Modem bank via analog. Our cost will be around $3,000 to $3,500. Not too bad for what we're getting.

You might want to take a look at it.

John Warren

Network Operations Administrator
Prudent Rx Inc.

On Oct 16, 2007, at 11:29 AM, Bezaleel Support wrote:

On Oct 16, 7:08 am, Andrew Rinaldi <andrew.rina...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Oct 16, 8:09 am, Bezaleel Support <supp...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Our company currently has 4 POTS lines for voice services from Verizon
> > (in South Carolina, USA). These four lines are handled by our Trixbox
> > PBX system.
> > Our 5th POTS line is a dedicated analog fax line.
> > We are currently looking to get Verizon to setup DID services on our fax
> > line so that we can use the DID information to route incoming faxes to
> > particular users/groups. According to the Verizon rep, they only sell
> > DID's in blocks of 20's.
> > At the moment, we have not invested in any particular hardware for the
> > fax server.
> > First, I have been asked to provide Verizon with the following
> > information before they can even provide me with a quote:
> > 1) Trunk start - Ground-Start or Loop-Start
> > 2) Trunk signaling - DP (Dial Pulse) or DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency)
> > 3) Number of digits to be set? (I have no idea what this is referring to.)
> > 4) Send method - Wink or Immediate
> > 5) Any restrictions on the numbers to be used? (I am guessing this is a
> > no. Feel free to correct me.)
> > 6) Used for PRI or Digital Service? (Again, guessing this is a no since
> > I do not have a PRI and am using analog service at the moment. ;) )
> > Second, can this all be handled via a standard external modem? Or will I
> > require some other form of device (FXO/FXS/Etc Card)?
> > Lastly, will I be able to receive and send via the fax line once it is
> > set up for DID? I have read elsewhere that users can only receive
> > (inbound) calls via the line that has been assigned DID numbers.
> > Thanks for any and all assistance!
> > Will be also contacting Verizon tomorrow to try and clarify some of this
> > as well. Not holding my breath on that though.
> > Again, thanks,
> > Kevin L.
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> Hi Kevin,
> DID requires special hardware. A DID capable modem or a device to
> convert DID-to-DTMF are the most common examples.
> DID lines in the US are almost always receive only.
> I would imagine that your PABX supports DTMF generation... so why not
> use that to route the calls ? Not only will you no longer require a
> special DID Telco line, and special modem hardware, but all 5 lines
> can be used to send and receive fax's as/when required.
> If fax reliability and compatibility are important to you then you may
> also want to take a look at our latest fax boards which fully support
> HylaFAX;
> http://www.mainpine.com/products_IQE.php
> Regards
> Mainpine Developer Support
> USA +1 503 822 9944 | UK +44 8458 909438
> andrew.rina...@xxxxxxxxxxxx |www.mainpine.com

You are correct. I confirmed today that Verizon's analog PBX trunk with 20 DID's would be receive only.

What exactly would I be asking my Telco for, as far as service, if I were to go the DTMF route? Are there any pro's or con's for DID vs DTMF other than the cost of hardware? IE, some functionality, etc.

Kevin L.

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