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Re: [hylafax-users] Information on Job Control

I got it and it looks like it will do what I want. I do have one more question though. Is job control only called once when the job is queued or is it called during a re-queued as well? Having it called during a re-queue would be handy.

On Oct 11, 2007, at 1:07 PM, Aidan Van Dyk wrote:

* John Warren <jwarren@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [071011 15:55]:
I've not found much information about writing job control files.
There are a few examples but not much in the way of what all of the
functions do or how to use them. Is there any more information to be

JobControl is simply "program" that is run. faxq read's the output of the program, in a "param: value" format, and acts on them.

The params are described in the jobcontrol manpage. As mentioned in the
man page, any option not listed there is passed directly to the faxsend
program with the -c "param:value", allowing you to driectly control
faxsend options (like localidentifier, etc) with jobcontl.

I've put a few simple examples up:

These samples show how to "get" information about a job from the qfile,
and how to set "params" that you can control.. These are all basic
shell scripts, but there is nothing that makes jobcontrol have to be a
shell script. You could use perl, python, php, C/C++, asm, java, etc.

What specifically are you looking for?


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