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[hylafax-users] R: PDF Attachment Corruption

I have a checklist of packages that need to be installed.
you can check if you are missing anything

I am used to use suse, so maybe package names are different, anyway...

you need:
ImageMagick to see faxes via webmin 
ghostscript-library, ghostscript fonts-std ghostscript fonts-other 
"sharutils" which provides uuencode (otherwise no convertion from tiff to
pdf, i.e.) 
getty (package mgetty) !!! 
tiff  (package tiff) !!! 
libtiff-devel installato !!! 

If any of these packages were installed AFTER hylafx installation, I
I need to make faxsetup run again (actually I don't know why.. but i faced
it several times...)

I hope this could help you


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> Oggetto: [hylafax-users] PDF Attachment Corruption
> Hello everyone,
> I have searched online for this solution and nothing seems to 
> have fixed it yet.
> Once I receive a fax, I have hylafax send a PDF copy of it to 
> my email account. In each case, the PDF file is 0kb and is 
> not opening (obviously).
> I read where I needed to make sure ENCODING was set to base64 
> - and it is.My setup.cache has the following entries:
> ENCODING='base64'
> MIMENCODE='/usr/bin/uuencode'   (Note that I have tried 
> "mimencode" here
> as well.)
> UUENCODE='/usr/bin/uuencode'
> I have also made sure that metamail and sharutils were 
> installed (via apt-get). I tried to verify that base64-encode 
> was installed via apt-get but it says that there is no such 
> package. These bits of information I gathered from a previous 
> post by Lee H.
> I also tried adding "ENCODING=Base64;" to FaxDispatch as 
> mentioned by Chin in the mailing list.
> Does anyone have any ideas?
> I just have a stock "faxrcvd" file and my FaxDispatch file 
> currently looks like:
> ENCODING=Base64;
> SENDTO=user@xxxxxxxxxx;
> Thanks,
> Kevin L.
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