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[hylafax-users] 2nd instance of faxgetty won't start

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a novice when it comes to linux.


Got hylafax running with one modem and has been running great since day 1.  Added a 2nd modem with the faxaddmodem script. 


Faxstat –s indicates:


Modem ttyS1 (9565551212): Running and idle

Modem ttyS0 (9565551313): Running and idle


But only ttyS1 indicates that it’s set to autoanswer.  I use webmin to handle hylafax management,  if I stop the service, only tt1S1 stops (the original modem)  When I reboot both modems come idle but only the original autoanswers.  Both Config.ttyS0 and Config.ttyS1 are set to autoanswer but the only way I can get ttyS1 to answer is to run:


faxgetty ttyS1


but this only works as long as my shell is open.  If I close it the modem no longer autoanswers. 


How do I make hylafax listen on both modems upon startup?

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