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[hylafax-users] html questions

All my faxes that I want to send will be html files converted to postscript with html2ps. I can't seem to find these 2 answers anywhere...

1.    For testing purposes, I want to make one table on a html page that is as tall and wide as possible that fits on one printed fax. When this html file is converted to postcript (using 1cm margins all around in html2ps) and faxed, the table should be exactly 1cm (postcript margin) from the left, right, top, and bottom of the fax. What should the dimensions of this table be? example: height="800" width="600"

2.    What is the maximum or BEST resolution for b&w pictures/images/clip art on an html page (converted to postscript) to be faxed? example: 100 pixels/inch (I'm using photoshop for the images)


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