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[hylafax-users] Received Faxes are Not Lined Up Properly

I've had a few customers mention that the faxes they are receiving are not lined up properly.  For example, some of the text is positioned a little bit to the right.
I thought this was due to the fax not being loaded into the machine correctly on the sending end but I could also duplicate this when I sent a few test faxes.  Another thing that leads me to believe that the sending fax machine isn't sending it this way is because the text at the bottom of the fax is actually even.
We are using HylaFAX version 5.1.5 with Asterisk 1.2.22 and Iaxmodem 0.3.0. 
If it will help, I can send some log info when this happened last or an attachment of the faxed document to the list if that will help.  Just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on what to check in the meantime.

Keith Calligan

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