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[hylafax-users] correct Hylafax configuration with a phone switch?

I have a Hylafax system configured with an external telephone fax/modem, connected to a dedicated phone line, and set up to automatically print incoming faxes. All works fine.

I now need to move from a dedicated phone line to a shared phone line that has an answering machine. I have a CS3500 switch, and have it programmed to 'listen' to the incoming call when the answering machine picks up (after three rings). If the cs3500 detects the CNG tones, it switches the connection to the FAX line (which runs directly into the modem). BTW, the modem is a USR Courier V Everything (yea, I know that these modems have problems. I'll address this later).
My question is: what settings should I change on the modem config file to allow processing of the fax? I am thinking that I should set 'number or rings' to 0, but not sure. Do I need to reconfigure anything else?

If the incoming call is a voice call, the cs3500 does not detect the CNG tones, and the call is handled normally by the answering machine.

Thanks for your help


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