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Re: [hylafax-users] More info :Re: no cover sheet

On Saturday 03 November 2007 07:24:44 am Dave Forrest wrote:
> >From the friendly `man faxmail`:
>         faxmail    reads    configuration    information    from    the  
> files /usr/local/lib/fax/hyla.conf,   /usr/local/lib/fax/faxmail.conf,   
> and ~/.hylarc;  in  that order.
>      (snip)
>         The configuration parameters are explained below.  Most parameters
> cor- respond to a command line option.  Parameter values identified above
> as inches are converted according to the conventions described above.
>         AutoCoverPage  Control whether or not a  cover  page  is 
> automatically generated for each job.
> I'd try adding
> AutoCoverPage: No
> to faxmail.conf per above.  There may be an issue as to whether it runs in
> the chroot or not. It won't hurt to create the
> usr/local/lib/fax/faxmail.conf in the chroot in addition to to /usr ....
> just in case.  My chroot does not have a usr/ ...., anyway.
> --Dave
Thanks Dave,

I do have hyla.conf.  I have added 'AutoCoverPage:No'  at the bottom.  I still 
get a coversheet containing the following:

At the very top (in a very small font) I get:
From Dean Services         
the day and date 
and page 1 of 2.

I believe the above comes from config.ttyS2 file which 
contains "LocalIdentifiers"

Then I get (in a much larger font)

That is the end of the first sheet.

The next sheet is my attachment (a PS file) from my email.

From faxmail(man)
> Controls for specifying headers to be passed through in the formatted text
> identify not only which headers but also the order in which the headers
> should be emitted. faxmail initializes the set of headers to retain to:
> ''To From Subject Cc Date''. If this order is acceptable then additional
> headers can simply be added with the X-FAX-Headers directive; e.g.
> ''X-FAX-Headers: Message-id''. If however a different order is desired then
> the header set should be cleared with a ''clear'' header tag and then
> completely specified in the desired order; for example, ..
> all header lines in the envelope can be suppressed by specifying
> ''X-FAX-Headers: clear''; this is useful, for example, when the body of the
> mail message contains a preformatted document that is to be transmitted.

So I added ''X-FAX-Headers: clear''  to hyla.conf

But I still get the 
TO:, FROM:, etc. and more importantly I get two sheets of paper.

BTW I can't find "sendfax" being used anywhere.  I do see in my master.cf 
> fax unix - n n - - pipe
> flags= user=faxmail argv=/usr/local/bin/faxmail.sh ${user}

in faxmail.sh
> cat > /tmp/faxmail-$$.msg
> exec /usr/local/bin/faxmail-ifax -n "$@" < /tmp/faxmail-$$.msg

My guess "faxmail-ifax" is the real "faxmail"

Also of interest my "hyla.conf" is in "/etc/hylafax"  
I'm using SUSE 10.2

I can't seem to get rid of the first page.  What do I do next?  I need help!

John Fabiani

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