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Re: [hylafax-users] faxing over sip

All of this techie talk is great reading, but as a
non-techie talking about only what happens
when an employee considers transmitting a
document they either:
a). E-Mail it
b). Fax it
The e-mail option is my preferred method but you
don't always have the document in an electronic
format. Most of the time and with most users a
piece of paper is what you have. Teaching users
to scan first and then e-mail it proved to tedious
as most people just don't want to bother with this
process, preferring option b. E-mail leaves a more
permanent record too of the actual document.
Hylafax does too but if the users can't hold it in
their hands they often just forget about it. Fax
machines typically only record something was sent,
not what was sent and this leaves one guessing
sometimes. E-mail on the other hand leaves
footprints for all to see and can be used when
needed to back up your case.
It is sad that each time we try to put some new
and improved process into the userland we are
met with reluctance and yes in many cases
ignorance and sloth. But that's the real world
for you. If a user cannot take their precious piece
of paper over to a fax machine and by simply
pressing "Send" transmit the document, then
you will find that introducing your process will
be met with reluctance even anger. Be careful.
Your reputation and job may be on the line.

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