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Re: [hylafax-users] How to send faxmail html messages ?

Hi Lee,

So the way to go is move to HylaFAX+ ?

Where i can find differences between both ?



El 23/11/2007, a las 21:58, Lee Howard escribió:

Xavier Blanco wrote:

I have a reliable Hylafax server 4.4.3 under MacOSX.
Mail to fax gateway is working ok. I can send plain text mails and attach pdf documents from mail client software, but i want to send html mail messages. I have been looking in www.hylafax.org <http:// www.hylafax.org> for instructions but I can' find clear literature about how to get this. Anybody can point me where to look ?

This has been discussed in detail numerous times in the last few months on this list and are undoubtedly available in the archives now.

Basically the 4.4.x releases eliminated MIMEConverters in favor of using typerules. This made HTML conversion much, much more difficult for faxmail (if not impossible).

HylaFAX+ releases still support MIMEConverters and thus HTML conversion is easily done.

With HylaFAX+ pay attention to the default-installed MIMEConverters on the system. Basically, you probably want to create a new MIMEConverter for html. If you installed from source code you'd create a file, /usr/local/lib/fax/faxmail/text/html, and in that file you would put:

#! /bin/sh
/usr/local/bin/html2ps $1

And, of course you'd need to have html2ps installed in /usr/local/bin.

The paths will be different if you installed from RPM or something.



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