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Re: [hylafax-users] getting hylafax running with callweaver which acts as a t.38 endpoint

Lee Howard wrote:
Oliver Lott wrote:

I use Callweaver (www.callweaver.org) as a T.38 endpoint. Callweaver produces a tif file and holds some informations in variables (such as CallerID etc.). I want to use Hylafax Faxdispatch functions now so my idea was to copy all the received faxes into the recvq folder, but what to do with the informations like Callerid and so on?

Caller*ID and so on are stored in the TIFF file tags in the TIFF file itself. So assuming you have a set of information that includes Caller*ID and so on, and then you have the image data ... you would need to "merge" the information with the image data using a small TIFF tool that you'd have to create/have created specificially for the purpose. You *may* be able to do this by scripting with libtiff's tiffset tool.
The TSI is stored as the IMAGEDESCRIPTION, but how does Hylafax store the other call details, like Caller*ID? It should be simple to make Callweaver do exactly the same thing. All the same information is available to it.

Now the T.38 code in spandsp is getting pretty stable, I might look again at making its T.31 interface work with T.38. iaxmodem would have a problem making use of that, as T.38 is not defined for use over IAX. However, another thing I am working towards is a SIP fax terminal, separate from things like Callweaver. That could easily become a SIP based replacement for iaxmodem. Lots of neat things are possible. Its all a matter of finding the time to complete them. :-)


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