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Re: [hylafax-users] xferfaxlog

Michael Hallager wrote:

Is there a way to log the details that go into etc/xferfaxlog into a MySQL database instead?

Yes, this is the purpose of the FaxAccounting feature in HylaFAX+. See:


I've attached a sample FaxAccounting script that basically puts the xferfaxlog into a MySQL table.



DATETIME="`date +%Y-%m-%d\ %H:%M:%S`"; shift
ENTRYTYPE="$1"; shift
COMMID="$1"; shift
MODEM="$1"; shift
JOBID="$1"; shift
JOBTAG="$1"; shift
USERID="$1"; shift
LOCALNUMBER="$1"; shift
TSI="$1"; shift
PARAMS="$1"; shift
NPAGES="$1"; shift
JOBTIME="$1"; shift
CONNTIME="$1"; shift
REASON="$1"; shift
CIDNAME="$1"; shift
CIDNUMBER="$1"; shift
CALLID="$1"; shift
OWNER="$1"; shift
DCS="$1"; shift
JOBINFO="$1"; shift

echo "INSERT INTO xferfaxlog SET timestamp = \"$DATETIME\", entrytype = \"$ENTRYTYPE\", commid = \"$COMMID\", modem = \"$MODEM\", jobid = \"$JOBID\", jobtag = \"$JOBTAG\", user = \"$USERID\", localnumber = \"$LOCALNUMBER\", tsi = \"$TSI\", params = \"$PARAMS\", npages = \"$NPAGES\", jobtime = \"$JOBTIME\", conntime = \"$CONNTIME\", reason = \"$REASON\", CIDName = \"$CIDNAME\", CIDNumber = \"$CIDNUMBER\", callid = \"$CALLID\", owner = \"$OWNER\", dcs = \"$DCS\", jobinfo = \"$JOBINFO\"" | mysql -u hylafax -ppassword database

exit 0

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