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[hylafax-users] T38modem and Hylafax issues

I installed Hylafax and T38modem.
I configured T38modem as described in the README file except I used the IP address of my media gateway for the route all.  I tested the two modems ttyx0 and ttyx1 using cu and everything seems fine.
I configured Hylafax to use the modem by using faxgetty -D ttyx0 etc as indicated in the T38modem README file.  Tested the class info etc as indicated in the Hylafax documentation.  Created a test user.
Everything seems fine and that is where the problems start.
1.  When I first configured the T38modem, I did it thru the terminal window and left it open.  While that window was open, it showed the receive data etc between the two modems while I was testing.
The moment I close the window that I used to configure the T38modem, I get input/output errors using the cu command for the pseudo modems. 
Does this window have to be kept open?  When I reopen the window to run T38modem, I have to recreate the modems again...
2.  I used a hylafax client to test sending faxes and they sit in the queue.  The log shows that the modems are wedged...
So I am stuck at this point, could someone assist?
faxgetty is running and so it faxq.  The client shows that the Hylafax scheduler is running.
I would be happy to supply more info upon request.

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