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Re: [hylafax-users] Modifying qfile

* Klaus Rörig <hylafax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [071203 08:53]:
> Hi,
> how can I realize the following:
> My users must not change their notification email. So I would like to
> change this field in the q-file as the fax is transmittet to the server.
> I tried with JobControl but it doesn't work.

Hm, what I do when I want to "enforce" paramaters, is just outright
reject the job if the paramaters aren't right.  JobControl works really
well for this.  Make sure the owner/mailaddr/modem/priority/etc fields
match correctly, or reject the job.  Don't try and "change" the job on
the fly.    

If you don't want to reject jobs, but pretty much just ignore the users
input, then just ignore it, and force $mailaddr in notify, as you

> On an earlier installation I reached this by altering $mailaddr in the
> FaxNotify Script, but I wonder if there is more elegant way.

The way to "modify" a job, ensuring proper locking, and making sure
notification of changes propagate through the internal state of the
HylaFAX deamoms is to connect to the hfaxd, and change it through the
client-server protocol.  Nothing else is guaranteed to work.


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