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[hylafax-users] Trying to piece together a email to fax server

I thought I knew how to do this, but the more I did, the less Iknew. So I threw everything out and started reading again.

It seems the practice is to use the rfc822 format of: user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The goal is to send the fax to phone number 'number' and have it identified as for 'user'.

This requires first using a DNS mx record with a wildcard. So you would have to two DNS records:

fax.domain.	IN	A
*.fax.domain.	IN	MX	10,fax.domain.

Then to your sendmail.mc add:

       define(`FAX_MAILER_ARGS',`faxmail -d -n -p 12pt $u@$h $f')dnl

But there is no comment on where these are to be in the sendmail.mc file.

but is this right? You want to run a script for processing the mail? Is the above enough? what of the script at:


And what of spamassassin? You want it to trash spam, not try to fax it. How do you get spamassassin to run first. Also some of the other spammer tools (if the from address is invalid reject, can't remember right now that tool).

I am setting this up for SIP fax systems. That is faxes on ATAs that are either using T.30 over VoIP or T.38 (for ATAs that support T.38). So if I get bad guys sending lots of bad stuff, it wastes paper until I can set up a blacklist against them. Not run up phone bills....

Should I allow for a notify back to the sender? Have the hylafax log for the call mailed to the sender (another reason to first check that the from is valid).

thank you for your help

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