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Re: [hylafax-users] CALLID modification in DynamicConfig script

Lee Howard wrote:
Yves Carlier wrote:
My DynamicConfig script writes on STDOUT the following strings:
CALLID3: 1234
CallID3: 1234
CallId3: 1234

This will be meaningless to DynamicConfig output parsing which is looking for modem configuration changes and not information reconstruction.

Is it at all possible through the DynamicConfig script to alter the CALLID parameters,
ie the ones that the faxgetty process passes to the faxrcvd script?

It is not possible without recoding, some things, no. Is the "garbage" being prefixed onto Caller*ID consistently the same or is it variable garbage?
I think is will be consistenly the same.

What's wrong with the PBX/switchboard that causes that? Why not "fix" the problem there?

We have a digital switchboard (Siemens), and the supplier claims that the only way to support DID is going to digital
fax modems. DTMF is supported only on those ports that they define as "voicemail" ports, but in this case the switchboard
adds/prefixes extra info (what I called the garbage) to control the voicemail component.

At this moment I try to solve the problem by treat the "garbage" as part of the DID in the routing. This will work
if indeed the prefixed info is consistently the same, although to me it does not feel like a "nice" solutions. I really
would have liked the real DID in the routing setup, but I can live with it....

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