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Re: [hylafax-users] MultiTech MT5634ZBA V92

GianLuca Sarto wrote:
I have connected two MT5634ZBA V92 modems from MultiTech and experience occasional errors that LOCK up the COM port with TR=on, and oblige me to power off the server AND disconnect the plug in order to regain control of the COM port.

It seems odd that you can't just power cycle the modem to "unwedge" the modem.

As far as *why* the modem is wedging, that is something that Multitech would need to address with you. However, it has recently come to my attention that using:

ModemSoftResetCmd: AT
ModemOnHookCmd: AT

In your modem config file *may* alleviate the problem. Apparently the claim is that something in the on-hook (ATH0) or soft-reset (ATZ) processes run by the modem can trigger the wedging in some circumstances. Avoiding those processes altogether seems to avoid the wedging.

Since HylaFAX uses on-hook, soft-reset, and DTR drop all combined it is usually okay to do this. The DTR drop will both reset the modem *and* put the modem on hook as well. So ATH0 and ATZ are superfluous in those cases.


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