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Re: [hylafax-users] DTMF

Davie Lynn wrote:
Is there a list I can consult to see which modems support DMTF for routing received faxes with Hylafax+?

Any modem that reports AT+FCLASS=8 support *should* also support SHIELDED_DTMF. Furthermore, there are a number of other modems (like some USR modems) that support SHIELDED_DTMF in AT#CLS=8. And furthermore, there are are certain modems (such as the Multitech MT1932 and MT2834) that support DTMF reception (but not SHEILDED_DTMF) with special commands (usually AT>DT1).

So it would be rather difficult to make a list... unless someone maintains one from gathering info from this mailing list (and even then it would get outdated rather quickly as modem models change).

If not, can anybody recommend some internal / external modems I can buy cheaply that will provide DTMF and works well with Hylafax+?

As far as I am aware, all Mainpine and Multitech modems will support DTMF in one form or another. I also believe that all USR modems will support DTMF ... however I advise against using USR modems for fax (as they don't support AT+FRS/+FTS and have been known to be buggy in the past). I suspect that all modern Rockwell/Conexant-chipsetted modems will support DTMF in one of the forms described above, but I don't recall if I have had any specific experience with them in that. (I suspect that I did test them when I developed the SHIELDED_DTMF feature, but I don't recall for sure.)



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