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Re: [hylafax-users] deleting a fax

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
I cannot seem to delete a fax.

faxstat -s -l reports:

HylaFAX scheduler on sip.foo.com: Running

JID  Pri S  Owner Number       Pages Dials     TTS Status
1    125 W   mail >john7<@222  0:1   2:12        Invalid dialing command

So I create a user:

faxadduser -a passwd mail

You probably also want to use -p.

cat hosts.hfaxd

As is stated in 'man hosts.hfaxd', "Note that the first entry that matches is taken, so more-specific entries should be placed first."

faxadduser doesn't try ordering the entries in any way. So after creating an entry it's generally advisable to use a text editor to move the created line to an appropriate position in the file. In this case you probably want the "mail" entry first and then the other entries to follow. That way you can connect as mail from localhost and authenticate with the "mail" entry rather than the "localhost" entry.

service restart hylafax

There's no need to restart hylafax daemons after editing hosts.hfaxd.

faxrm -a 1
Admin failed: 530 Password incorrect.

Also note that you're going to get *two* Password: prompts. The first is the user login password (the one supplied by the -p option in faxadduser) and the second one is the admin password (the one supplied by the -a option in faxadduser).



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