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Re: [hylafax-users] No carrier problem.

Marcin Giedz wrote:
It seems that one of our clients has particular facsimile or settings
for their fax server. Every time someone from my company sending a fax
to this number get "No carrier detected". My fax card is MainPine QUATRO+.

gru 06 19:03:31.41: [25399]: SESSION BEGIN 000024990 XXXX
gru 06 19:03:31.41: [25399]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.3.4
gru 06 19:03:31.41: [25399]: SEND FAX: JOB 19776 DEST XXXX COMMID
000024990 DEVICE '/dev/ttyS5' FROM 'user <user@mach1>' USER user
gru 06 19:03:31.41: [25399]: STATE CHANGE: RUNNING -> SENDING
gru 06 19:03:31.41: [25399]: Apply DialString rules to "YYYY"
gru 06 19:03:31.41: [25399]: --> return result "YYYY"
gru 06 19:03:31.41: [25399]: <-- [14:AT+FCLASS=1.0\r]
gru 06 19:03:31.42: [25399]: --> [2:OK]
gru 06 19:03:31.42: [25399]: DIAL YYYY
gru 06 19:03:31.42: [25399]: <-- [16:ATDTYYYY\r]
gru 06 19:03:41.21: [25399]: --> [2:OK]
gru 06 19:03:41.21: [25399]: SEND FAILED: JOB 19776 DEST 00225215619 ERR
No carrier detected

The "OK" result to ATD is ambiguous and undefined. This has been seen with both Multitech and Mainpine cards due to some issue with the firmware that came from Agere. You may want to check with Mainpine to see if there is a newer firmware that fixes this. But there may not be... and in that case you probably can work-around the problem by using Class 1 to that destination instead of Class 1.0.



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