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[hylafax-users] FaxDispatch default doesnt seem to work

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I'll try this again after subscribing.  If you get a duplicate email, I apologize.
My question is on the FaxDispatch script.  Mine looks like this (details are omitted for security):
case "$SENDER" in
    *6666666666*)           SENDTO=email@xxxxxxxxx;;  # Faxes from Lathrop go to fromLathrop Folder
    *Some Name*)           SENDTO=email@xxxxxxxxx;; # Faxes from GP to GP folder
    *666*666*6666*)         SENDTO=email@xxxxxxxxx;;  #Faxes from Kings
    *) SENDTO=defaultpublicfolder@xxxxxxxxx;;  #Default that doesnt seem to work
In this script section I have "*)" as the catch all I assume, so that if nothing else matches dump the email here.  That doesnt work.  The specific faxes go to the specific emails but the stuff that is not caught by a specific is lost in /dev/null or something.  Is there a different way to specify a default sendto email?
Thank you very much,

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