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Re: [hylafax-users] T38modem to gateway

I still cannot get the T38modem to talk to the gateway.  I still get connection refused from the T38modem log.  The gateway log does not even show that it is being contacted.
The two pseudo modems can talk to each other by way of 'sendfax', but I cannot seem to get the T38modem to talk to the gateway.
What information could I supply that would help with this issue?

From: hylafax-users-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:hylafax-users-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Jennifer Eyrich
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 11:58 AM
To: HylaFax Users
Subject: [hylafax-users] T38modem to gateway

When I use,

t38modem -n -o /var/log/t38modem_trace.log -p ttyx0,ttyx1 --route all@x.x.x.x > /var/log/t38modem.log 2>&1 </dev/null &

note - x.x.x.x = IP of gateway
I get this error is the t38modem_trace.log..
H223 Caller:80a0df8 H323TCP Could not connect to x.x.x.x:1720 (local port=0) - Connection refused(111).
Is there a configuration that needs to be changed in any of the config files or is this message a pure gateway issue.  The gateway mode is set for T38 Relay.
Thanks, in advance, for any feedback.

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