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[hylafax-users] PROBLEM: HylaFax 4.4.3 on CentOS 5 using a MultiTech MT2834ZDXb


Hi Everyone,



I’m am a new user to HylaFax and have only been using it for a short period of time.  I am currently in the process of replacing my existing VSI-FAX Server with HylaFax, however seem to be running into a small issue I can’t seem to resolve myself.


To begin with, I am running HylaFax in a Send-ONLY environment, and will NEVER need to receive incoming faxes.


My problem is that each time a FAX is sent and I check the status of the hylafax queue, it always seems to return the following infamous message:



Modem ttyS0 (<Line Number>): Waiting for modem to come ready



Usually, even with this status, my faxes seem to go through…   However about once or twice a day, it seems to lock up on me and the faxes start to build up in the queue.  The only command that seems to release this lockup is “faxsetup”.   After I run the “faxsetup” command again, my faxes begin to go again until the next lockup…   And again, they always return the above error message about waiting for the modem to come ready.



Now I check the /var/log/messages file on my server, and noticed the following errors appearing:


Dec 14 09:16:45 myserver HylaFAX[5314]: HylaFAX INET: Unable to init server, trying again in 45 seconds.

Dec 14 09:17:30 myserver HylaFAX[5314]: HylaFAX INET: bind (port 4559): Address already in use

Dec 14 09:17:30 myserver HylaFAX[5314]: HylaFAX INET: Unable to init server, giving up after 10 tries.



I also checked the send log for the actual job as well, found in /var/spool/hylafax/log/c##########


The above log seems clean, I did NOT spot any errors at all.


[root@myserver log]# lsof -i :4559


hfaxd   4951 uucp    3u  IPv4  19870       TCP *:hylafax (LISTEN)


[root@myserver log]# netstat -ta

tcp        0      0 *:hylafax                   *:*                         LISTEN



I have read many, many, many post with regards to this issue, but cannot seem to resolve my problem.


Any help would be very much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance.



Jeff St. Louis

Sr. Systems Administrator

Project hosted by iFAX Solutions