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[hylafax-users] 24 channel pri - iaxmodem - hylafax, or ??


I am starting to plan a (big for me) fax server,
24 channels on a T1 with couple of hundred DIDs.

I am torn within two setups I consider the most inexpensive and easy to manage.

Setup 1./

PRI <-> Asterisk <-> (24 ports of) Iax Modem <-> Hylafax (same box)

from http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+fax I read:

-"You might also consider Hylafax which runs outside of Asterisk but can be bridged using IAXModem to Asterisk, this is a robust solution when receving calls via PRI and forwarding to iaxmodem and hylafax on localhost. "

But I in the same page, it also says:

-"Sadly the Hylafax/IAXmodem combination isn't a reliable solution. After extensive testing (July/06) the short story is that Digium cards don't do fax. If the remote fax machine supports ECM then IAXmodem works well"

Setup 2./ Callweaver with spandsp (no hylafax) PRI <-> Callweaver <-> Scripts

So in case #1 I am puzzled by the two mutually exclusive comments,
may IAX modem just work fine with the right T1 card? if so which one is that card?

Case #2, stable not yet released and not enough mass testing yet.

Did anybody dealt with a scenario like this? what was the experience?

any recommendation?

Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom,


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