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Re: [hylafax-users] Two simple HylaFAX Questions

Jeff St Louis wrote:

1. Does HylaFAX support batch faxing in the same manner as VSI-FAX? What I mean is, currently when I run a batch fax job from my character based accounting system, I send all jobs to one big file to be parsed by VSI-FAX based on embedded tags. The file is parsed into many individual faxes and sent to all my different clients. I just set my software to send the desired tags/parameters I need, and VSI-FAX takes care of the rest…

I currently have my own little batch processing BASH script I wrote to take care of all of this, because I didn’t seem to find what I was looking for online… I found plenty about batch faxing the same document to multiple different numbers, however that was NOT what I was looking for… All documents differ and are sent to all different numbers.

It sounds like your definition of "batching" is like a fax-merge. Taking a fax template, populating it automatically with information and faxing the result. No, HylaFAX doesn't have anything like this natively... but I'm guessing that it would be easy to script up.

   2. And this brings me to my 2^nd question, does anyone know if
      HylaFax plans to support PCL to FAX conversions, now that
      Artiflex has released GhostPDL under the GPL as oppose to the
      old APL they had the previous releases under? Is anyone
      currently working on such a feature? Even Beta?

It is mostly in-place, and it wouldn't be extremely hard to get PCL working, it's just that you're the first person to bring this up in a very long time.



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