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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax+ With E1 card possible ?

Hi Michael,

If you take a look at the HylaFAX archives you will find a number of
references to analog outperforming digital E1/T1.  Here's a typical example;


My comments are based on real world comparisons of Brooktrout/Eicon/Mainpine
digital and analog fax boards.  While you might expect digital products to
outperform analog (not least because of the reduction in call setup times)
this is mitigated by lower performance during the call by the digital cards
themselves (possibly by overheads introduced by the proprietary software
interface).  When you also consider fax machine compatibility then analog
cards win hands down every time.

None of these tests were performed with VoIP or xDSL because this rarely
meets the performance requirements of reliable fax;



Andrew Rinaldi
Mainpine Developer Support
USA +1 503 822 9944 | UK +44 8458 909438
andrew.rinaldi@xxxxxxxxxxxx | www.mainpine.com

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> One final point.... in the comparative performance tests that I have 
> seen analog usually outperforms digital.

I would have to disagree.

When your call arrives at the exchange it is converted to digital anyway.

Were you testing with a new age variant? VoIP, voice over xDSL?

I strongly doubt that an analogue line would out perform a traditional E1
ISDN digital circuit.


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