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Re: [hylafax-users] FCS Error on multitech modem

Hi George,

As a first step try swapping the POTS lines between the USR and MultiTech
modems.  This will help identify whether the issues are related to your
'gateway' or the MultiTech modems.


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Subject: [hylafax-users] FCS Error on multitech modem

Hi, I am using hylafax+ 5.2.0 and I put a multitech external serial modem is
connected to a DDI number. I'm no expert at this but from what I am told it
is an external line that is coming from an E1 module to my modem through a
gateway. I got 2 of those connected to multitech modems. I also have 2
normal plain old external telephone lines hooked to 2 USR modems.

I am getting a lot of errors when receiving faxes on those 2 multitech
modems. They are persisting for certain machines that connect to my hylafax
server. The USR modems are not getting the same quantity and the USR modems
were in use way before the multitechs.

I notice a trend ... all the faxes that failed have "BAD HDLC" errors for
every page that it transmits. And I also see this

Dec 17 12:19:31.23: [ 8658]: RECV sent fourth PPR Dec 17 12:19:31.23: [
8658]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r] Dec 17 12:19:32.90: [ 8658]: --> [7:CONNECT] Dec
17 12:19:33.59: [ 8658]: --> [2:10 03] Dec 17 12:19:33.59: [ 8658]: -->
[5:ERROR] Dec 17 12:19:33.59: [ 8658]: MODEM Command error Dec 17
12:19:33.59: [ 8658]: FCS error

I've read in other emails that this maybe due to line noise and coming from
faxmachine without ECM or something like that.

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