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Re: [hylafax-users] FCS Error on multitech modem

George H wrote:
I added Class1HasRHConnectBug: yes  to both multitech modem config files.
I don't see the FCS error anymore but I get these now.

Dec 18 10:35:37.83: [ 7621]: RECV send PPR (partial page request)
Dec 18 10:35:37.83: [ 7621]: <-- [11:AT+FRM=146\r]
Dec 18 10:35:39.46: [ 7621]: --> [8:+FCERROR]
Dec 18 10:35:39.46: [ 7621]: <-- [11:AT+FRM=146\r]
Dec 18 10:35:39.83: [ 7621]: --> [8:+FCERROR]
Dec 18 10:35:39.83: [ 7621]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
Dec 18 10:35:43.41: [ 7621]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Dec 18 10:35:44.59: [ 7621]: --> HDLC<7:FF C8 C8 00 54 17 1C>
Dec 18 10:35:44.61: [ 7621]: --> [2:OK]

Well, I'm not entirely certain as to why implementing Class1HasRHConnectBug would lead to an increase of the type of session incidents that you illustrate (although I can think of possibilities), the HDLC message being received there is a CTC signal.

The snippit there basically means that we sent PPR and expected another Phase C high-speed data session, but instead a V.21 HDLC carrier was detected with the CTC signal in it.

As long as the session from there continues properly then HylaFAX's behavior here should be considered proper. The sender transmitted CTC out of sequence, and thanks to the modem's +FCERROR support HylaFAX was able to detect that CTC signal and move on with the session.



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