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Re: [hylafax-users] HDLC frame not byte-oriented

Hi Nicola,
The simple answer is get yourself a decent modem - something with a Agere
Venus chipset is a good start... however, if this is an important
installation then you might want to consider a fax board;
Andrew Rinaldi
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Sent: 19 December 2007 14:57
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Subject: [hylafax-users] HDLC frame not byte-oriented

i have sometimes problems to receive fax...
My sistem is:
Hylafax server 4.4.3 on SME server 7.3
modem 33.6 SporterVoice USRobotics
it was on class 2.0 first but i know that sometimes i have problem to
receive so i put it in class 1, but i have problem again!!!
Attachment you can see error logs (there are many from the same sender), my
modem config, i have to change it?


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