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Re: [hylafax-users] Faxes are labeled with a time differente than de system's one

* Tiago Teixeira <teixeira1985@xxxxxxxxx> [071219 16:00]:
> Hi all,
> The faxes come labeled with a time different than the system's time.
> They come marked as 1 hour "later" than the real time.
> Any ideas, how to setup time correctly?

What system are you running on?

I would hazaard a guess that your system "caches" the timezone
information after it's first lookup, and faxgetty was started before a
Daylight savings change?  If that's the case, a simple restart of the
faxgetty process would fix it.

If it's not the case, can you show some logs?  Do the session logs
($SPOOL/log/c*) agree with the faxinfo reported times?


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