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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax+ With E1 card possible ?

Hi again,

It is very interesting reading all of your posts and seeing what kind
of hardware you all use concerning E1/T1 set ups. I'll admit I am no
networking expert so forgive me if my questions seem "newbiesh".

I found out that at my company there is no way I can test hylafax on a
POTS, in that all of our lines are originating from our CISCO gateways
and from there I have 2 choices. To have a line going from our gateway
to the telco (where they provide us with a number) or I am given a DID
( I think that's what its called) and get channeled through an E1
interface from CISCO to some E1 thing at the telco.

I read up a bit on the CISCO hardware we have and my faxlines are
connect on FXS and/or FXO ports (supports faxing from what the cisco
docs say). This gateway is used for all our telecom needs concerning
internal and external telephone lines as well as internal IP phones.

So I guess I am going to ask if this has any compatibility problems
with hylafax or just in general with modems? I was told that these
gateways can have different configurations concerning the lines and
what not. Is there anything I should look out for ? or any kind of
special setup I should be considering?

I will be building maybe 60 hyalfax servers to put in our branches so
this is a critical point and I am trying to get as much info as I can.
This is especially important to the mainpine people on the list as I
may buy hardware from you guys (i've sent an email to
sales@xxxxxxxxxxxx) but no reply for a few days.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.
George H

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