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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax+ With E1 card possible ?

Andrew Rinaldi wrote:
Hi George,

Can you tell us what CISCO hardware you are using ? We have spent a lot of
time recently with a system using SVR3000/SVR200/VGA2100 hardware on E1
lines and have been unable to get fax working 'reliably'. It's possible
that some of the issues we are experiencing are because it's a 'hosted' IP
solution.... we just don't know yet.
Are you talking about Ciscos as T.38 gateways? They can be interesting, to say the least. :-) I never seem to find two that behave in quite the same way. Using my T.38 implementation with some Ciscos works well. With other Ciscos it won't work at all. Some are in between. If the target fax machine beyond the gateway is a Canon, things get more interestings, but then... well... its a bloody Canon at the far end. Can't blame Cisco too much there. :-)

I am still trying to get to the bottom of the what the key variables are. The snag is, I have to rely on assistance from the various people facing these boxes, and their enthusiasm waxes and wanes. I have considered trying to get hold of a cheap second hand Cisco box for testing. I've come to the conclusion this would be a waste of time, unless I could load it with a wide variety of software revisions and configurations, that mimic the setups causing problems.

Isn't interop fun? :-)


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