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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax+ With E1 card possible ?

> Can you tell us what CISCO hardware you are using ?  We have spent a lot of
> time recently with a system using SVR3000/SVR200/VGA2100 hardware on E1
> lines and have been unable to get fax working 'reliably'.  It's possible
> that some of the issues we are experiencing are because it's a 'hosted' IP
> solution.... we just don't know yet.

We're using VWIC-2MFT-E1 hardware with IP Voice/Fax network modules.
We can put the faxserver on POTS but I can't keep the same numbers and
it'll be very difficult to tell everyone to send faxes to a new

> Their are no fundamental problems with HylaFAX.... it's probably in the top
> 5 of most reliable fax server solutions that you can deploy.  We test
> something like 50 different fax software solutions and so I think we should
> know.  As Lee explained yesterday fax hardware is still a vital component in
> many deployments.  Yes, you can deploy budget hardware but I think you have
> seen the results.  Alternatively, if you invest in a Mainpine IQ Express
> board not only do you get the latest technology but you also get it from a
> company that really cares about fax.
> Personally, if I was deploying a digital solution then I'd either look at a
> channel bank with Mainpine modems (gives you V.34 and incredible
> simplicity), or Asterisk and IAXmodem (only V.17 but supports more complex
> routing capabilities).  An awful lot depends on how much time you want to
> spend administering the system (if you are deploying 60 servers then the
> answer is keep it simple).
> I'd encourage you to contact Derrek Sypert (derrek.sypert@xxxxxxxxxxxx) to
> discuss your requirements in depth.  Derrek has worked in the fax software
> industry for many years including supporting most of the major fax software
> solutions.  You might also wish to take advantage of our 30 day return
> policy (try a Mainpine fax board for 30 days... if you don't like it then
> return it and you only pay for the shipping).
> And finally, could you do me a really big favour and send me a copy of the
> email that you sent to sales (preferably a copy in your sent folder so that
> it has the time and date stamps) ?  We've had some reports of lost email
> recently and the sooner we can track this down the better.

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