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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax+ With E1 card possible ?

Hi George,

Can you tell us which Cisco Router model you are plugging the VWIC-2MFT-E1
module into ?  Also which IP Voice/Fax network modules you are using ?

As Lee suggested you will save yourself a lot of time if you debug the fax
server on your POTS lines.  Once you have a reliable fax server up and
running then moving to the FXS ports on a router should be simple (that
said, if the router is using IP to move audio around your system then it's
probably never going to work reliably with Fax).


Andrew Rinaldi
Mainpine Developer Support
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andrew.rinaldi@xxxxxxxxxxxx | www.mainpine.com

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> Can you tell us what CISCO hardware you are using ?  We have spent a 
> lot of time recently with a system using SVR3000/SVR200/VGA2100 
> hardware on E1 lines and have been unable to get fax working 
> 'reliably'.  It's possible that some of the issues we are experiencing 
> are because it's a 'hosted' IP solution.... we just don't know yet.

We're using VWIC-2MFT-E1 hardware with IP Voice/Fax network modules.
We can put the faxserver on POTS but I can't keep the same numbers and it'll
be very difficult to tell everyone to send faxes to a new number.

> Their are no fundamental problems with HylaFAX.... it's probably in 
> the top
> 5 of most reliable fax server solutions that you can deploy.  We test 
> something like 50 different fax software solutions and so I think we 
> should know.  As Lee explained yesterday fax hardware is still a vital 
> component in many deployments.  Yes, you can deploy budget hardware 
> but I think you have seen the results.  Alternatively, if you invest 
> in a Mainpine IQ Express board not only do you get the latest 
> technology but you also get it from a company that really cares about fax.
> Personally, if I was deploying a digital solution then I'd either look 
> at a channel bank with Mainpine modems (gives you V.34 and incredible 
> simplicity), or Asterisk and IAXmodem (only V.17 but supports more 
> complex routing capabilities).  An awful lot depends on how much time 
> you want to spend administering the system (if you are deploying 60 
> servers then the answer is keep it simple).
> I'd encourage you to contact Derrek Sypert 
> (derrek.sypert@xxxxxxxxxxxx) to discuss your requirements in depth.  
> Derrek has worked in the fax software industry for many years 
> including supporting most of the major fax software solutions.  You 
> might also wish to take advantage of our 30 day return policy (try a 
> Mainpine fax board for 30 days... if you don't like it then return it and
you only pay for the shipping).
> And finally, could you do me a really big favour and send me a copy of 
> the email that you sent to sales (preferably a copy in your sent 
> folder so that it has the time and date stamps) ?  We've had some 
> reports of lost email recently and the sooner we can track this down the

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