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Re: [hylafax-users] List of all hylafax error codes

On Dec 29, 2007 8:35 PM, Lee Howard <faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> George H wrote:
> > Where can I find a resource where all the error codes are listed and explained ?
> > I can't seem to find anything on  "COMREC error in transmit Phase
> > B/got DCN {E124}"
> > There are also other ones I'd like to read up on.
> They're all listed here:
> http://hylafax.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*/hylafax/hylafax/faxd/README.errorcodes
> As for further explanation for each one... there really is none.  There
> have been a couple of simplifications of these messages that have
> circulated on-list over the last several months, however.
> The E124 error message you quote means that in Phase B (initial
> "handshaking" and fax parameter negotiation) the sender transmitted a
> disconnect (DCN) instead of a command (such as DCS).  What it means from
> there depends upon the circumstances, and would probably require
> guessing.  Did the sender not like the DIS signal that we sent?  Did the
> sender need to reformat the image?  Did the sender simply cancel the fax
> intentionally?  These are all possibilities... hard to be for-sure
> without verbal communication with the sender.

hmm the sender was HylaFAX+ 5.2.0 and the receiver is one of those
photocopy machines that has fax receive capability. I sent 30 faxes
and each one consistently gave a E124 error on the first attempt and
then on the second attempt it successfully was received. So this
happened 30 times.

Don't know if this makes a different but it was hylafax dialing out of
our PSTN (PBX) going through the telco then back into our PSTN to a
fax machine.

> Thanks,
> Lee.
George H

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