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Re: [hylafax-users] User access to documents

Hi Aidan.

El Miércoles, 23 de Enero de 2008, Aidan Van Dyk escribió:
> * Carlos Lorenzo Matés <clmates@xxxxxxxxxxx> [080123 08:53]:
> > Then the option AdminGroup has no use?
> As Lee would say, "I can't speak to HylaFAX+, but it works in HylaFAX"
> ;-)
> > If i want to use pam for users, but define several admins can i put the
> > admins in the hosts file?
> >
> > I have tried but without success
> AdminGroup is in HylaFAX, and does work.  But you have to be careful how
> you use it.  Remember, hfaxd does a chroot, so "/etc/group" is not the
> same in the chroot as in the real root.

but if he uses pam it does not look ate the groups files only, it first looks 
at ldap, right?

> In my system, I have a setup my $SPOOL/hosts.hfaxd accounts like this:
>    1) ^user@host$::: lines set for password-less logins for where I
>        have automated things needed access to HylaFAX
>    2) ^user@.*::<pass>:<apass> with passwords and admin passwords, for
> admins 3) allow PAM for normal user logins.

I'm going to try with this i was changing the file just 
under /etc/hylafax/etc/

> This works quite well.  Anyone who has a pam account can use their
> normal PAM password to login.  "Admin" accounts can use ADMIN to gain
> the admin priviledges.
> I've also just tested, tested, and the "AdminGroup" setting to allow
> users to gain admin priviledges also does work for me, as long as my
> NSS/PAM is setup correctly (i.e. not trying to read files from the main
> root filesystem)

How do you setup this last step?

Many thanks

Un saludo.

Carlos Lorenzo Matés.
clmates AT mundo-r DOT com

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