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[hylafax-users] MIME Conversion issues

I am trying to use Hylafax with faxmail and MIME Convertion of word documents

here is the command line that works for me:

oowriter -invisible "macro:///blah.blah.saveaspdf(/path/to/my/file.*)"

it produces a good quality conversion of rtf or word documents to PDF

but with the mime conversion, it says on page http://www.hylafax.org/content/Email_to_Fax_Gateway  that you pass the file as $1 and expect the output on standard out.  I am unsure at this point if OOWriter with macros can put this on standard out..., it saves the coverted file to /path/to/my/file.doc, is there a way to get the %i %o functionality of typerules so that I can deal with the files that are created?  I am unsure of exactly how this works.




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