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[hylafax-users] adaptive-answer problems on an Agere modem

I've got hylafax set up on a linux box, using a Trendnet TFM-560x modem,
carefully chosen for its serial-port interface -- not a soft modem. It answers
    Agere OCM V.92 Ver2.7a (Jun 14 2004) Voice Mercury DP2SH mode-ii SERIAL
to an AT+FMM query.

Everything works fine, but there is one puzzling bit of lossage I'm having: I
can configure hylafax to receive faxes, or I can configure it to permit me to
make a data connection (that is, dial in). But not both.

If I simply configure it in config.ttyS0 as a class-1 modem (and set the flow
control to rts/cts), then the system will send & receive faxes, but I can't
dial in.

Suppose I add these two lines to config.ttyS0:

    # Listen in class 0 so I can dial in for a non-fax/data connection.
    ModemSetupAACmd:	AT+FCLASS=0
    # ubuntu's getty is agetty: getty <options> <baudrate> <port>
    # -h means rts/cts flow control; -t 120 means nice long 120sec timeout.
    GettyArgs:		"-h -t 120 %s %l"

Then I can dial in (and send faxes), but, of course, it will no longer receive
faxes -- it won't make fax connections when receiving a call. A typical log of
a session where I successfully dialed in with kermit, logged in over the
serial line & then logged right back out looks like this:

    Feb 02 21:04:01.73: [ 4700]: SESSION BEGIN 000000127 16175551212
    Feb 02 21:04:01.73: [ 4700]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.4.0
    Feb 02 21:04:01.73: [ 4700]: <-- [4:ATA\r]
    Feb 02 21:04:15.17: [ 4700]: --> [20:CONNECT 31200 V42bis]
    Feb 02 21:04:15.17: [ 4700]: ANSWER: DATA CONNECTION
    Feb 02 21:04:15.17: [ 4700]: GETTY: START "/etc/hylafax/getty-link -h -t 120 19200 ttyS0", pid 4731
    Feb 02 21:06:05.82: [ 4700]: GETTY: exit status 0
    Feb 02 21:06:05.82: [ 4700]: SESSION END

OK, so we know it handles data & fax. Now I'd like to set things up so I
can do both. So I change the setup command to one of these:

    ModemSetupAACmd:	AT+FCLASS=1;+FAA=1
    ModemSetupAACmd:	AT+FCLASS=0;+FAA=1

And I lose. The system will receive faxes (even when the setup command puts
the modem in class 0) but in both cases I cannot make a data connection and
log in, via, say, kermit. A typical log of a successful fax call looks like

    Feb 02 21:10:50.08: [ 5853]: SESSION BEGIN 000000128 16175551212
    Feb 02 21:10:50.08: [ 5853]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.4.0
    Feb 02 21:10:50.08: [ 5853]: <-- [4:ATA\r]
    Feb 02 21:10:54.10: [ 5853]: --> [3:FAX]
    Feb 02 21:10:54.10: [ 5853]: ANSWER: FAX CONNECTION  DEVICE '/dev/ttyS0'
    Feb 02 21:10:54.10: [ 5853]: RECV FAX: begin
    Feb 02 21:10:54.10: [ 5853]: <-- data [32]
    Feb 02 21:10:54.10: [ 5853]: <-- data [2]

A typical log of an unsuccessful data call looks like this:

    Feb 02 22:24:17.78: [17501]: SESSION BEGIN 000000143 16175551212
    Feb 02 22:24:17.78: [17501]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.4.0
    Feb 02 22:24:17.78: [17501]: <-- [4:ATA\r]
    Feb 02 22:24:22.04: [17501]: --> [4:DATA]
    Feb 02 22:24:22.04: [17501]: ANSWER: DATA CONNECTION
    Feb 02 22:24:22.04: [17501]: GETTY: START "/etc/hylafax/getty-link -h -t 120 19200 ttyS0", pid 17641
    Feb 02 22:25:23.41: [17501]: GETTY: exit status 0
    Feb 02 22:25:23.41: [17501]: SESSION END

Note the timing: hylafax *instantly* realises it's a data call, then hands off
to getty, but even after that I can hear my sending modem whistling away
for about a minute. Then my kermit session prints out "NO CARRIER" and
the log file goes to "SESSION END".

Now, here's the weird thing. Suppose I go to the receiving machine,
shut down its hylafax server and simply run a kermit there. In that kermit,
I do the *same setup*:


Then I dial in from a kermit on my sending machine, answering with ATA in the
kermit on my receiving machine. If I do this, I win:

    Receiving side		Sending side
    --------------		------------
    atz				atz
    OK				OK
    AT+FCLASS=1;+FAA=1		atdt6175551212
    OK				CONNECT 31200 V42bis

    RING			<here I type the "I'm typing this ..." text
    ata				seen on the receiving side, which isn't echoed

    CONNECT 31200 V42bis
    I'm typing this on the sending machine, 
    but seeing it on the receiving machine.


If I then try to send a fax with kermit receiving instead of hylafax, I see
the following in kermit:


    ATA		<-- me answering; all other text produced by the modem



    ERROR	<-- modem realises kermit is not a fax machine.

This seems to indicate that the modem can do the job in adaptive-answer mode. 
So something is going wrong with the handoff to getty. What that might be is
a mystery to me. Can anyone advise me?

By the way, I also tried this less desireable hack, as discussed in the

    AdaptiveAnswer:          yes              # enable adaptive answer
    AnswerRotary:            "data fax"       # answer for fax, then data
    ModemAnswerCmd:          AT+FCLASS=0;A    # default is to answer as data
    ModemAnswerFaxCmd:      ATH+FCLASS=1;A    # hangup and answer as fax
    Class1RecvIdentTimer:    10000            # timeout fax answer in 10 secs
    ModemAnswerResponseTimeout: 300000	      # nice, long 300 sec timeout

This doesn't work. The modem answers with the ATA+FCLASS=0;A, but then
it listens for longer than 10 secs (which is odd), then it simply terminates
the session, in much less than 300 secs (which is odd):
    Feb 02 22:08:41.93: [15225]: SESSION BEGIN 000000140 16175551212
    Feb 02 22:08:41.93: [15225]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.4.0
    Feb 02 22:08:41.93: [15225]: <-- [14:AT+FCLASS=0;A\r]
    Feb 02 22:09:11.14: [15225]: --> [10:NO CARRIER]
    Feb 02 22:09:11.14: [15225]: ANSWER: Ring detected without successful handshake
    Feb 02 22:09:11.14: [15225]: Ring detected without successful handshake
    Feb 02 22:09:11.14: [15225]: SESSION END


My entire config.ttyS0 file, stripped of comments, is just these 31 lines:
CountryCode:		1
AreaCode:		617
FAXNumber:		+1.617.555.1212
LongDistancePrefix:	1
InternationalPrefix:	011
DialStringRules:	etc/dialrules.neu
ServerTracing:		1
SessionTracing:		11
RecvFileMode:		0600
LogFileMode:		0600
DeviceMode:		0600
RingsBeforeAnswer:	0
SpeakerVolume:		low
LocalIdentifier:	"Olin Shivers/NEU CCIS"
TagLineFont:		etc/lutRS18.pcf
TagLineFormat:		"From %%l|%c|Page %%P of %%T"
MaxRecvPages:		100
ModemSetupAACmd:	AT+FCLASS=1
GettyArgs:		"-h -t 120 %s %l"
ModemType:		Class1		# use this to supply a hint
ModemFlowControl:	rtscts		
Class1Cmd:		AT+FCLASS=1	# command to enter class 1
Class1PPMWaitCmd:	AT+FTS=7	# command to stop and wait before PPM
Class1TCFWaitCmd:	AT+FTS=7	# command to stop and wait before TCF
Class1EOPWaitCmd:	AT+FTS=9	# command to stop and wait before EOP
Class1SwitchingCmd:	AT+FRS=7	# silence between HDLC recv and trans
Class1RecvAbortOK:	200		# wait 200ms for abort response
Class1FrameOverhead:	4		# 4 byte overhead in recvd HDLC frames
Class1RecvIdentTimer:	40000		# 35+5secs waiting for ident frames
Class1TCFMaxNonZero:	10		# max 10% of data may be non-zero
Class1TCFMinRun:	1000		# min run is 2/3rds of TCF duration

Note that I have RingsBeforeAnswer set to 0; I currently always manually
answer this line using faxanswer. 

My global hfaxd.conf file has nothing in it that should affect things --
just these three lines (plus comments, which I've stripped out):

    LogFacility:	daemon		# syslog facility (want this 1st))
    ServerTracing:	0x001		# just server operation
    FaxContact:		root		# who gets questions/complaints

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