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Re: [hylafax-users] CallID in 5.2.1

bill.allison@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have just upgraded 4 sites to 5.2.1, two from 4.3.0 and two from 5.1.5.

How did you perform the initial installation and the upgrade now?

Before the upgrade, faxinfo provided caller id ok, now it does so only for faxes received before the upgrade.

This seems odd. Is it possible that you didn't uninstall or completely overwrite the 4.3.0 installation in the upgrade process?

fileserver-nbr:/var/spool/hylafax/recvq # tiffinfo fax000018065.tif
TIFF Directory at offset 0x5e4e
Subfile Type: multi-page document (2 = 0x2)
Image Width: 1728 Image Length: 1143
Resolution: 204, 98 pixels/inch
Bits/Sample: 1
Compression Scheme: CCITT Group 4
Photometric Interpretation: min-is-white
FillOrder: lsb-to-msb
Date & Time: "2008:02:04 16:27:58"
Host Computer: "fileserver-nbr"
Software: "HylaFAX (tm) Version 5.2.1"
Image Description: "029 20462193"
Make: "USR"
Model: "U.S. Robotics 56K FAX EXT Rev. 11.16.63"
Orientation: row 0 top, col 0 lhs
Samples/Pixel: 1
Rows/Strip: (infinite)
Planar Configuration: single image plane
Group 4 Options: (0 = 0x0)
Fax Receive Parameters: 0021e028
Fax Receive Time: 28 secs

Yes, there is no Caller*ID information stored in this TIFF file.

Feb 04 16:27:43.68: [14212]: SESSION BEGIN 000022593 +4401982553914
Feb 04 16:27:43.68: [14212]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 5.2.1
Feb 04 16:27:43.68: [14212]: CallID: '2920462193'

02/04/08 16:27 RECV 000022593 ttyS1 recvq/fax000018065.tif "" fax "+44.01982.553914" "029 20462193" 2220072 1 0:00:31 0:00:31 "" "" "2920462193" "" "" "00 44 1F 22"

But the log makes it clear that Caller*ID information was received by the modem.

So, somehow that Caller*ID information is not getting from HylaFAX into the TIFF file... and this would be odd. It works fine for me here (and many many other places).

Let me know about your install and upgrade procedures. Then we may need to start investigating more closely.



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