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[hylafax-users] Strange SambaFax Issue

Title: Strange SambaFax Issue

Good morning everyone,

Ive had Hylafax and Sambafax running on my server for about 4 years without any issues on a Redhat 9 box, however the time has come to remove the server and migrate to a new one running Centos 4.4.

All went well with the migration, Hylafax, my DDI routing works and users are able send via WHFC, however whenever the users use Sambafax it fails. Having done a large amount of testing with different drivers etc. I still cannot get it work. As a last step I removed the delete line from the Sambafax script and reviewed the output which was generated by the script and searched for the Fax-NR: line and its not there, what is there is the text broken over several lines and because of this the fax isn’t sent.

Has anyone experienced this before or can anyone offer any pointers as to what I could try to get it working? Ive tried accessing the purpel3.com site but it appears to be offline so support from there is not possible.

Any pointers would be much appreciated


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