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Re: [hylafax-users] HylaFAX can't retrieve CIDNumber ?

Raphaël HEITZ wrote:

HylaFAX can't retrieve CIDNumber ?

My HylaFAX server is configured to use a US Robotics 56K Message modem (N°065668-00) connected to ttyS1 port on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4. All is working fine, I can send and receive Fax. My only problem is that Hylafax doesn't seem to retrieve CIDNumber.

Do you have Caller*ID service on your phone line?

If you run the modem in minicom and do this:


And then place a call in to the line on the modem do you see:

NMBR=something else

By these comments:

I've already try to use cu to test the modem with these commands : cu -l ttyS1 ATZ AT+FCLASS=1 AT#CID=1

But nothing appears (only RING).

It would seem that either the modem is not compatible with your Caller*ID service or that you do not have Caller*ID service.



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