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Re: [hylafax-users] faxmail max calls

If you are able to define additional email headers, you can override any of the values listed below in an email.  In your case, you would add a header named "X-FAX-MaxTries" and assign it the number of retries you want.

You will have to see if the tool you are using to send emails allows additional headers to be sent; .NET definitely supports it.

David Beahm

Available Email Headers
To override a default value, include an email header named X-FAX-[Tag] (case insensitive), and sendfax will translate it automatically.
  Tag                  Type     Default    Description
  AutoCoverPage        boolean  Yes        automatically generate cover page
  ChopThreshold        float    3.0        page chopping threshold
  CoverCmd             string   see below  pathname of cover sheet program
  Cover-Comments       string   -          cover page comments string
  Cover-Company        string   -          cover page to-company name string
  Cover-Location       string   -          cover page to-company location string
  Cover-Regarding      string   -          cover page regarding string
  Cover-Template       string   -          cover page template filename
  Cover-Voice          string   -          cover page to-voice number string
  Cover-From-Company   string   -          cover page from-company string
  Cover-From-Location  string   -          cover page from-location string
  Cover-From-Voice     string   -          cover page from-voice number string
  Cover-From-Fax       string   -          cover page from-fax number string
  DateFormat           string   -          cover page date format string
  DesiredEC            integer  2          desired type of ECM
  DesiredMST           string   -          desired minimum scanling time to use
  DesiredSpeed         integer  -          desired signalling rate to use
  DialRules            string   see below  file containing dialstring rules
  From                 string   -          senderâs identity
  HRes                 float    204.       horizontal resolution
  Host                 string   localhost  host to contact for service
  KillTime             string   -          time to expire job
  MailAddr             string   -          mail address for notification messages
  MaxDials             integer  12         times to retry dialing
  MaxTries             integer  3          times to retry transmission
  MinSpeed             integer  -          minimum acceptable signalling rate
  Modem                string   -          modem to use on server
  Notify               string   none       control email notification
  PageChop             string   default    control page chop handling
  PageLength           float    -          page length in millimeters
  PageSize             string   default    page size by name
  PageWidth            float    -          page width in millimeters
  Port                 integer  4559       port to use in contacting server
  Priority             string   default    job scheduling priority
  Protocol             string   tcp        protocol to use in contacting server
  RetryTime            string   -          delay between failed attempts to send
  SendTime             string   -          time to send job
  TagLine              string   -          tagline format string
  TypeRules            string   see below  file containing file typing rules
  VRes                 float    98.        vertical resolution
  Verbose              boolean  No         enable/disable protocol tracing

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From: hylafax-users-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:hylafax-users-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Carlos Lorenzo Matés
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 9:21 AM
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Subject: [hylafax-users] faxmail max calls

Hi to all.

I'm using hylafax, sendfax and faxmail to send faxes.

When i send with sendfax i can specify the max number of calls i want to retry the faxes. Is there any way to set a similar option in faxmail?

when i send the faxes with faxmail it tries up to 12 times.


Un saludo.

Carlos Lorenzo Matés.
clmates AT mundo-r DOT com

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