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Re: [hylafax-users] IAX Modem + Failure to receive silence (synchronization failure).

I realize that you probably don't know what to listen for, but the "iax" side of that call is quite audibly distorted. Open up the WAV file in Audacity and zoom in on the beginning of any audio signal and you'll see that it starts up and then cuts out. Listen to it, in particular the V.21 HDLC segments and compare those with the V.21 segments in the dsp audio, and you'll be able to "hear" the distortions.

So... I guess the favorite place to start is... what does zttest say on your system?



Jeff wrote:

Thanks so much for your response, I did the record, converted the files to .wav

I can hear audio on both files, I am attaching them so that they may be able to assist you further.

Thanks again,

On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 11:26 PM, Lee Howard <faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Jeff wrote:
    > Feb 13 04:59:59.93: [ 9111]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
    > Feb 13 05:00:06.93: [ 9111]: --> [0:]
    > Feb 13 05:00:06.93: [ 9111]: MODEM <Empty line>
    > Feb 13 05:00:06.93: [ 9111]: <-- data [1]
    > Feb 13 05:00:06.95: [ 9111]: --> [2:OK]

    It can't hear a fax machine in the audio.  Get a recording (read the
    iaxmodem README file) and listen to it... or send it to me.



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