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Re: [hylafax-users] race condition

Aidan Van Dyk wrote:
* Lee Howard <faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [080215 15:07]:
Moritz Winterberg wrote:
what would those config line changes do ? I guess
CallIDAnswerLength: 9
means answering after 9 digits received ? I'm located in germany and unluckily I can't count on fixed number length over here..
Those config changes make it so that you answer based on DID reception and not on RINGs. If you get a variable-length DID (which would seem strange to me) then just make CallIDAnswerLength be the minimum length... and if that's "1" then so be it.

But that Still won't help the quick-disconnect-new-call situation, where
you get:


If faxgetty answers after it get's the DID , you still get faxgetty
thinking it's answering the 1st call when in reality, it's connected to
the 2nd call.

While you are correct, it does help in the case where the first caller may disconnect after the first RING. Furthermore, if there is any meaningful time lapse between the DID delivery and the subsequent RING message, then it would help in the case where the disconnect is occurring at that point, too.

One would hope that if faxgetty does ATA *before* the call disconnection but that the call disconnection comes very quickly thereafter that the Diva Server wouldn't patch-through a different call to that tty.

In any case... on systems receiving DID it's generally ill-designed to answer based on RING messages. On such systems we generally can't do anything without the DID... so it makes no sense to answer without the DID, and it makes no sense to delay the answer once we have the DID, either. By buttoning down that implementation design we avoid any gaps in the differences between RING-based answering and DID-based answering.



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